Surety Bonds

Rising To The Occasion: The Buildings of the Future


How will the buildings we enter in our near future protect us—and the environment too?

 Next Up

 The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) convened virtually as 2020 ended and envisioned how the future of buildings will focus on human and environmental concerns. Experts stressed the critical importance of smart, sustainable buildings in which the “digitally connected infrastructure” makes it possible for facility managers to:

Monitor power status and quality

Optimize the HVAC system loads

Improve occupancy and air quality sensing

Identify workplace occupancy

Optimize between solar and other renewable energy sources in real time

Leverage predicted analytics to minimize downtime

Constructing—and managing—buildings will require ever better data—not just having it, but using it to make beneficial decisions in real time. Industry leaders observe that as much as 90% of available data in the buildings industry is not used, with construction teams spending 13% of their working hours searching for project data!

Take Control

 Let Colonial Surety Company—a national surety bond expert and tech innovator—help you analyze and use your data as you prepare for—and win—more building projects. With a Colonial Partnership Account® contractors across the country:

  • Leverage data on a private Owners Dashboard to view surety lines, adjust work on hand, analyze bids—and grow.
  • Gain control of bidding and bonding, online and in real time.
  • Utilize powers of attorney to seal and issue your own bid bonds—in minutes.
  • Compete with fast, confidential bid bonds—no middleman.
  • Order performance and payment bonds easily from a customized digital dashboard.
  • Track bids and work on hand in real time with free management reports.
  • Speak directly with Colonials lead underwriter as new opportunities emerge.

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Optimized for Efficiency

 Safety. Efficiency. Adaptability. Connectivity. These are some of the words on all of our minds  when we think about the buildings we hope for in our futures. IFMA experts sum up these four pillars for successful buildings:





 It is electrifying to consider the next wave of buildings created on these pillars. Ready to get to work? Contractors across the country are gearing up for new projects with Colonial Surety Company’s special Partnership Account®. Apply and pre-qualify for a surety-line of credit that will help you grow your business. It’s easy with Colonial’s efficient new online system. All companies that apply receive, for free, Dun & Bradstreet scores.

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 Contractors who pre-qualify for a surety line of credit, go on to upload a few more documents that help Colonial better understand their operation and underwrite the Partnership Account®. 

 Founded in 1930, Colonial Surety Company is a leading direct seller and writer of surety bonds and insurance products across the USA. Colonial is rated “A Excellent” by A.M. Best Company and U.S. Treasury listed.