Fidelity Bonds

Should Cleaning Services Be Bonded?


Plenty of advertisements say a business is “licensed, bonded, and insured”—but what do these phrases actually mean? Being licensed, bonded, and insured means that a business has the appropriate license for its profession, the required bonding, and the necessary insurance coverage. Though these three phrases may not be strictly required in every industry, being bonded can offer tremendous benefits to your business and your customers!

When referring to janitorial and home service businesses, becoming bonded cements a firm bridge of trust between the business owner and the patron. You are offering them assurances that they will be shielded financially from employee theft. What’s more, insurance bonds like janitorial and home service help skyrocket your reputation as a caring, customer-centric business. Also called custodian bonds and home services bonds, these bonds provide reimbursement for covered employee theft.

Clients want to work with businesses that have their customers’ best interests in mind. Provide your customers peace of mind with a janitorial and home services bond from Colonial Surety Company. Our easy-to-use direct and online process allows you to obtain your employee dishonesty bond in minutes. Access our online form and print or e-file your bond. You can purchase your bond directly from your tablet, desktop, or mobile device. It’s that easy to complete our online process! Click here to purchase your janitorial and home service bond and give your clients the protection they deserve.