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Springing Forward: Construction Forecast



As 2021 starts to gets its groove on, experts predict that the construction industry will be making up for lost time. Many contractors are likely to be hiring again—there could even be a labor shortage.

Challenging But Good Times Ahead

Headed into spring, For Construction Pros anticipates that: Many of the large-scale infrastructure and industrial projects delayed in 2020 will gradually get back online, and construction firms forced to downsize during the downturn will look to re-staff teams in order to adequately complete projects and make up for lost time.

The residential building is expected to continue growing strong, as work from home policies free employees to move away from city centers. Technology markets around Southern California, Austin, Orlando, Atlanta and Raleigh are anticipated to be extra hot with high demand in positions including, construction sales reps and field and development managers.

Experts also believe that delayed and anticipated infrastructure projects across the country, will get green-lit with public funding—and workers who can hit the ground running will be in high demand. Already, innovative transportation projects are underway in many states.

Bid Ready?

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  • Track bids and work on hand in real-time with free management reports.

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Industrial Demand

Technology, semiconductor and electronic manufacturing companies need data centers. Industrial contractors are struggling to meet demand, with installation managers, as well as HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing technicians likely to be highly sought after.

Though the commercial sector is likely to continue to experience lags—with little need for large hospitality or office spaces right now reimagining and retrofitting these spaces will ultimately become critical.

Hurry, You Could Be Bidding Now

2021 could turn out to be the beginning of an unprecedented period of repairing, building—and reimagining all over the country. Where will you make your mark?

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Founded in 1930, Colonial Surety Company is a direct seller and writer of surety bonds and insurance products for a wide range of industries and professions. The Partnership Account® reflects a Colonial priority: innovating to provide value-added services to busy contractors. Colonial is rated “A Excellent” by A.M. Best Company, U.S. Treasury listed, and licensed for business everywhere in the USA!