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Start-ups: Moving Biz Success



Carpe Diem. With so many Americans on the move, there may never be a better time to start or expand a moving company. It’s OK to start small. Moving success stories are popping up in states across the country. Are you bound for success too?

Learning By Doing

In Arizona, Max Maher started Skinny Wimp Moving when he was 19. Now, at 23 he’s

averaging $115,000 a month in revenue, with record monthly sales of $158,000. At Starter Story, he shares tips for success, emphasizing in-person marketing, friendly and well trained employees, and:

 Pricing structure that is a simple all-inclusive hourly rate with no hidden fees

  • Protecting every single piece of furniture.
  • Showing up on time
  • Always answering the phone


The success of family-owned and operated Interwest Moving and Storage was recently featured in East Idaho News:

Until 2015, the company was still using moving trucks from 1969 and a 4,000-square-foot warehouse. Its since grown to include 180,000-square-feet of space and more than 60 new trucks and trailers. It also has two other locations in Belgrade, Montana and Salt Lake City.

Although they started out as a moving business, the Keim family recognized emerging and niche markets and added services over time, including packing, loading and transportation services for household goods, as well as storage, warehousing and relocation services. Currently, delivery of online furniture orders is hopping, as the company has created partnerships for this line of business. Meanwhile, inbound moves to Idaho are at their hightest since 2017, a trend attributed to people making COVID-19 related lifestyle changes.

Get Moving—Get Bonded

 Moving business experts encourage starting small—and having a business plan that helps you plot your growth. Additionally, start-up experts stress the imporantance of checking into the license and permit policies in your state:

Permits are legal authorizations you need to start a moving company in any state. Since you want to open a legal business, you will need to apply for certain permits depending on what type of moving company you want to start.

In many states you will need a House Movers License or Permit Bond.  This is a type of surety bond. Like all surety bonds, a House Movers License Bond serves as a guarantee to the public that you are prepared to carry out your responsibilities in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition to being required in most states, House Movers License Bonds can also be a powerful marketing tool for your business—proof that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.


It’s easy to get your Bond, instantly, digitally and affordably with Colonial Surety Company. You can obtain your House Movers License Bond right away. Just get a quote online, fill out your information, and enter your payment method. It’s that simple. You can even do it from your phone while you’re scoping out those used vans.

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Where’s The Action?

 As you plan your moving business, you’ll want to know where the action is. One sure sign to watch for:  where there is home building  underway, there will ultimately be families in need of a moving service. Population growth also has  trend watchers pointing to these relocation hot spots:




North Carolina



South Carolina




Assisting Movers In Every State

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