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Across the country, more and more women are making it: whiskey. Science finds that women have a nuanced sense of smell—a big asset when assessing fermentation. Mentors are opening doors and entrepreneurial success stories are on the rise. Intrigued? Perhaps you too are bound for success.


Although not generally at the helm of the whiskey business in the last century, women have a long tradition in distilling. According to The New York Times, for example:

Distilling used to be considered women’s work, part of their duties around the hearth and home….Women in medieval Europe used their distilling acumen to make medicine….That tradition continued on the early American frontier: Catherine Spears Frye Carpenter, a widowed mother and distiller in early 19th-century Kentucky, was the first to record a recipe for sour-mash whiskey….In the 1950s, Margie Samuels designed the bottle and label for her husband’s new whiskey brand, Maker’s Mark — and even developed its signature red-wax seal.


These days, success stories of women creating whiskey—and building the brands are everywhere, including: award winning Milam and Greene in Blanco,Texas; Cascade Hollow in Tullahoma, Tenessee, Uncle Nearest, also in Tenessee, as well as the long venerable Brown-Forman, in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to hard work, good mentors, changing attitudes and degrees in fields such as chemical engineering, women in distilling are helped by a nuanced sense of smell. The New York Times explains:


Scientists have long known that women have more nuanced senses of smell than men — Linda M. Bartoshuk, a professor of food science at the University of Florida, estimates that 35 percent of women qualify as what she calls superstars, while only 15 percent of men do. That keen sense can be a big asset when you’re trying to decide if fermentation is ready, or if you need to tweak the spice notes in a batch of whiskey.


Essentials for Entrepreneurs


Essentially, a distiller is responsible for what goes in the bottle. Since alcohol is of course a regulated industry, if you plan to manufacture, brew, distill or warehouse spirits, you’ll need to be licensed. In most areas of the country, a prerequisite to the licensing process is securing a surety bond, known as an Alcohol Manufacturing Bond. Like other types of surety bonds, an Alcohol Manufacturing Bond guarantees your business will comply with all applicable government rules and regulations. Good news: Colonial Surety Company makes obtaining an Alcohol Manufacturing License Bond easy, affordable, and instant. Colonial offers our lowest possible rate, direct to customers. Get your bond today and get your new adventures underway:


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