License & Permit Bonds

What are Private Investigator Bonds?


Private investigators, also known as private detectives, private eyes, and inquiry agents, are hired to gather evidence and clues for private clients and court cases. Private investigators gather and verify different types of information for cases, interview people, find missing persons, and conduct surveillance. These individuals offer their expertise in diverse areas and partake in investigative measures like verification of insurance fraud, background checks, and other specializations.

To carry out their duties, certain places across the country may want private investigators to acquire a surety bond, or a private investigator bond. Private investigator bonds are a type of License and Permit surety bond that may be required by counties, cities and states to offer consumer protection for licensure as an official private investigator. The bond exists to safeguard others from any negligent acts committed by the private investigator. If a private investigator makes an unethical decision with a client’s funds or information, a private investigator bond will offer the victim a legal method of recourse against the investigator. The burned client can file against the bond to receive reparations, resulting in fees or fines against the private eye.

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