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Zipping Along: From Desert To Ocean?



It could happen. After years on the planning table, a high-speed train line connecting Las Vegas and Los Angeles might see daylight—and soon. Builders say the $8 billion dollar construction could even start in 2023. Buckle up!


180 Miles Per Hour

According to Engineering News-Record, billionaire investor, Wes Edens, whose Fortress Investment Group owns Brightline West, builder of the electric train project, its “at the one yard line.” Brightline anticipates that federal review and issuance of permits will be completed in fall 2022, with contractors announced before the end of the year. It’s been estimated that the project could create 40,000 construction and 1,000 permanent jobs. Engineering News-Record reports:


The company says its all-electric train, with speeds of up to 180 mph, will keep 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of the air each year and remove 3 million cars from Interstate 15, which sees hours-long southbound traffic jams each weekend as tourists return to Southern California from Las Vegas.


“The United States has turned its attention to achieving the significant benefits of high-speed rail, including job creation, greater connectivity between communities, and emissions reductions,” says a Brightline West spokesperson…Final federal approval of the Brightline West project would allow it to seek funding through the 2021 infrastructure package, which includes money for high-speed rail.


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Speed’s In Style Everywhere

The “Los to Las” project is not the only speedy train project happening in California. With operation from San Francisco to Los Angeles slated to begin in just over 10 years, the country’s first high speed long-distance rail line currently has 35 active construction sites in California’s Central Valley. The ultimate goal? Bullet trains moving passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in under three hours.



Not to be outdone, the East Coast is hoping to speed up travel on the Interstate 95 corridor with a superconducting magnetic levitation train that could move passengers along at speeds of 311 miles per hour. The New York-New Jersey region is trying to pick up the pace too. The New York Times reports that several important projects are likely to advance with help from the federal infrastructure funding. Anticipated builds include the long awaited extension of Manhattan’s Second Avenue subway line (aka the Q Train) to East Harlem, and construction of a new rail tunnel connecting New York and New Jersey.


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