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Building a Seawall: Charleston’s Plan


Plans are progressing on a sea wall needed to protect Charleston’s downtown area against storm surge and rising sea levels. Recent adjustments by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contain both improvements and budget trims.

$1.1 Billion Peninsula Sea Wall

According to CHS Today, 35% of the cost will be paid by The City of Charleston, with the federal government paying the other 65%. The return on investment is estimated at $10.20 for every $1 spent. Highlights of the updated plan include removal of a rock jetty; the addition of “living shorelines” such as oyster reefs along the westside; the decrease of wetland impacts (from 111 to 35 acres); and $50 million in aesthetic adjustments “to better incorporate the sea wall into historic Charleston.”

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Comprehensive Strategies


According to the US Army Corps of Engineers, the coast coastal storm risks to the Charleston Peninsula have been under investigation since 2018, with the goal of reducing risks to human life, preserving Charleston’s economy and strengthening community resiliency against coastal storms. Recent updates to the plan reflect the public and agency feedback on the preliminary plan. In addition to the Sea Wall, the City of Charleston has undertaken other flood reduction strategies, including:  “rehabilitation of Low Battery Wall, the Dutch Dialogues and major drainage projects.”


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