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California’s Water: $5.1 Billion?


Drought conditions necessitate attention to the every aspect of the water system in California. State leadership is proposing a $5.1 billion response effort to improve the infrastructure for drinking water, wastewater, ground water and water recycling.

 Infrastructure for Drought Mitigation

 Attention to drought and the underlying issues impacting water security is especially critical in California.  Leadership’s proposal, part of the state’s overall “Comeback Plan,” would commit $5.1 billion over four years. The Associated General Contractors of California have commended the proposal to invest in water infrastructure while awaiting more details about the plan.

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Water Infrastructure Plans in CA?

 What could the proposed $5.1 billion do for water in California? As reported by Construction Dive:

 The investment, which includes $1.3 billion for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure and $200 million for water conveyance improvements to major water delivery systems, is designed to address the state’s emergency needs and build capacity to endure droughts while safeguarding water supplies. 


State leadership has commented that the combined package“of bold investments will equip the state with the tools we need to tackle the drought emergency head-on while addressing longstanding water challenges and helping to secure vital and limited water supplies to sustain our state into the future….”


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