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Constructing Connections: Rock Island Bridge


What spans the Kansas City River, connecting Kansas City, Kansas with Kansas City, Missouri? The Rock Island Railroad Bridge, built in 1905. Now, with a public-private partnership paving the way, it will undergo a $5 million renovation—envisioned as a destination for bikers, hikers, pedestrians, families, community events—and barbecue and beer too.


Steel Park Above the River?


Turning the long unused bridge into a regional outdoor attraction has been years in the making, culminating with the Unified Government (UG) of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas approving the redevelopment plans for Rock Island Bridge. Flying Truss is the builder and the initial phase of work is slated for completion in summer 2023. Music, food, and outdoor adventures are all part of the plan for the steel park, connecting people across the two cities. Kansas City Business Journal reports:


The redeveloped bridge would gain approximately 11,000 square feet of lower-level multipurpose space through steel cantilevers extending from both sides. This will include a 3,000-square-foot food hall with industrial kitchens — with Slap’s BBQ and Buffalo State Pizza as current intended tenants — an open-air bar and coffee shop, and office and retail space. A community zone at the bridge’s western entrance also will provide three shelter spaces for youth-oriented nonprofit organizations with focuses such as biking, boating or painting.The bridge’s top deck is to house 8,000 square feet of multipurpose event space, including 4,000 square feet with a removable cover and open-air veranda, another bar and coffee shop, and a catering facility.


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Waterfront View?


Building projects are splashing waterfronts all across the country. Importantly, for example, at least 79,500 bridges are in need of attention, plans are in the works in many states and major public funding is eagerly anticipated.

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