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Infrastructure: Rated D



 As public officials wrangle final plans and finances for infrastructure spending, ratings from the American Society of Civil Engineers point to the tremendous need to build roads, bridges, waterways and more in states across the country.

 D Ratings

 If you have been experiencing bumps in your roads, you are definitely not alone. Grades from the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE) infrastructure report card were released in March, with the country as a whole scoring C-. Hmmm. Apparently, the bridges, roads and waterways in some states need even more than average attention. According to Construction Dive, the seven states that received infrastructure grades of D or D+ are:






New Jersey

West Virginia

Ready for Lift Off?

 While plans for national infrastructure spending are finalized, why not gear up for action? It seems likely that we’ve all got building to do in the near future. Already, for example, billions in improvements are getting underway at airports across the country.

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Improving and Streamlining

Good news? The C- grade the ASCE recently gave the country as a whole is a step up from the previous grade of D. Nonetheless, worst case disaster scenarios make it clear that it is dangerous to continue ignoring infrastructure imperatives.The ASCE stresses that smart investments and decisive action are key to the work of infrastructure. Among the specific recommendations made by the ASCE is a pleas for streamlining:

 Streamline the project permitting process across infrastructure sectors, while ensuring appropriate safeguards and protections are in place.

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