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Pharmaceutical Construction: Rushed Planning Creates Delays


As the world awaits vaccines, an analysis of pharmaceutical construction projects finds that delays average four months. The time for better planning processes has arrived!

 Speed Can Backfire—and  Increase Costs

Turner & Townsend’s analysis of 20 of the world’s pharmaceutical construction projects found that 70% finished over budget, with delays of four months typical. The analysis involved projects with budgeted at $100 million or more. As reported by Construction Dive:

Of the projects that exceeded their budgets…90% did so in the areas of process equipment; clean utilities; and mechanical, engineering and plumbing. Together, these phases of the work made up an average of 44% of the projects’ total cost and approximately 50% of their schedules.

During a time when getting drugs like the COVID-19 vaccine to market is critically important, Turner & Townsend suggested the best way forward is to engage in more thorough early planning on these projects and to develop and apply a system of industry benchmarks.

One common aspect of rushed planning revealed in the analysis is over-reliance on historical data. This can lead to making projections on outdated or incorrect numbers—which results in higher engineering costs. Experts also stress that changes made once the design well underway creates challenges for procurement teams which also contribute to delays and expenses.

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Collaborate—and Think Ahead Too!

How can the kinds of delays experienced in big pharmaceutical construction be curtailed?  The Turner & Townsend report advises:

Collaboration…is key to achieving better outcomes for these pharma projects as well as building correct estimates and validating them independently, conducting interactive planning sessions and utilizing proactive risk management.

Whatever projects are on the horizon for your contract business this spring (yes it is going to come), you can also take a note from baseball legend Yogi Berra : It gets late early out here.

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