Sign of Growth: $945 Million New Train Line Underway In Indiana


Inspired by big thinking and collaborative funding agreements, construction is underway on a $945 million commuter train line in Indiana.

Making New Connections

Toward construction of an 8-mile commuter train line—the West Lake Corridor Project—a federal infrastructure grant will cover about 38% of the cost. State and local funds are also committed. Considered the largest public transit investment ever in Indiana, the north/south train line will add four stations, connecting communities in Northwest Indiana to Chicago.

Governor Eric Holcomb is optimistic that the rail line will boost commerce, by linking the region to the nation’s third biggest economy. As Governor Holcomb told IndyStar:

This is going to really help the northwest quadrant of our state become an even more attractive place to invest and grow.

A second, separate project is planned to make improvements on the east/west connections between Chicago and South Bend. Indiana anticipates that combined, these two projects will result in billions in private investments and thousands of new jobs by 2048.

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