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Winning Bids: $9.2 Billion


Federal funding has been dedicated to constructing rural broadband networks. The competitive bidding process spurred ambitious project plans from a diversity of companies.

Competitive Bidding: Important Work

A $9.2 billion commitment by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a major step to address the digital divide over the next decade by funding construction of high-speed broadband networks across rural America. The goal is to cover over 5 million homes and businesses in 49 states.

Successful bids were submitted by 180 companies. Winners must build the networks within 10 years and are incentivized to do so in shorter time frames. As reported by

The Wall Street Journal:

The funding will go to internet-service providers, from established rural operators such as Windstream Holdings Inc. to newcomers such as cable provider Charter Communications Inc. and Elon Musks SpaceX. The companies bid against each other in an auction designed to steer public money to the company willing to build the fastest network in each area at the lowest cost.

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Game Change: Speed Please

The biggest single contract awarded by the Federal Communications Commission for rural broadband networks went to LTD Broadband LLC. Based in Las Vegas, LTD Broadband was awarded about $1.3 billion. The contract is to reach over 500,000 homes and businesses. Though LTD has primarily used tower-mounted technology, the new federal funds enable expanded use of fiber-optic cable.

Speed can’t come fast enough for the millions of rural families lacking connectivity across the U.S. The pandemic has underscored the importance of high-speed internet in every home: children need it for school and adults need it for work. Winning bids for the FCC’s funds guarantee speed. According to The Wall Street Journal:  In about 85% of locations, the providers promised ultrafast gigabit” speed….Most of the remaining locations would see download speeds of at least 100 megabits a second, capable of large downloads.

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