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Bellwether Construction Reports


The Doge Momentum Index is now at a 12-year high. Economists report that the progress is led by a 77% rise in the institutional category—in just the last three months. Of course those in the industry know that there are still obstacles to overcome on the path to a bright looking future.

 Pent Up Demand?

Healthcare, education college dorms, recreation—suddenly, institutions across the country are ready, willing and able again to get the buildings that serve us all rising. Construction Dive reports:

The uptick in the institutional sector…seems to be driven by longer-term optimism about the country’s overall progress against COVID-19, even as the hurdles that threaten to hinder construction’s emerging recovery remain in the near term. “The institutional component of the Dodge Momentum Index had posted a long string of declines in the immediate wake of the pandemic as state and local governments grew concerned with the potential for widening budget gaps,” said Richard Branch, Dodge’s chief economist….”However, since hitting a low in January 2021, institutional planning has risen to levels not seen in over 10 years driven by healthcare, labs, and education projects.”  

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 Planning vs Actual Spending: Timelines


The Dodge Momentum Index gauges the planning of projects. Usually, actual construction spending occurs about 12 months later. Accordingly, 2022 is looking very promising in the institutional sector indeed. There is also optimism that roads and bridges will get the attention (and funding) needed across the country, and work has already achieved lift off at many of our airports. Experts predict that material costs and shortages will continue to pose challenges across the industry—but innovative new building materials are on their way too.


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