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Boring in San Antonio?



It looks that way: the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) has chosen the Boring Co. for the anticipated high speed loop that will connect San Antonio International Airport to its burgeoning downtown. As details are fine tuned, project estimates are approximated at $247-289 million.


 Growth and Speed

San Antonio has already experienced population growth of 8% in the past ten years and it’s estimated that more then a million more people will be calling San Antonio home by 2040. Since no one like’s a slow commute, modern, speedy transit options are a top priority, which may explain why the Boring Co. beat out the competition.

Construction Dive shares these details about San Antonio’s public transit plans:


The Boring Co.’s proposal includes twin underground tunnels where Tesla vehicles would drive passengers between San Antonio International Airport and downtown, according to RMA documents provided to Construction Dive. The exact length and route is yet to be determined.

The project style — a tunnel dug by a Musk-owned company and populated by vehicles produced by a Musk-owned company — is the same as Boring Co.’s Las Vegas Convention Center Loop (pictured above), though that consisted of two, 1-mile long tunnels and cost roughly $52.5 million. The convention center tunnel is Boring Co.’s only commercial project.


Boom, Boom, Boom

That’s the soundtrack for growth in downtown San Antonio, where a variety of large scale projects are underway. It’s no wonder the clock’s ticking on speedy public transit options to move everyone around. As The New York Times has reported, there are several multiuse developments in the works, as well as a $450 million renovation of the historic Alamo Plaza, and the development of new parks and green space along the San Pedro Creek. The University of Texas is significantly expanding its downtown presence—and the campus is expected to serve 15,000 more students in the years ahead. What will they be studying?  Maybe the new $90 million School of Data Science and National Security Collaboration Center holds the clues.


Although it’s a good thing San Antonio’s airport is expanding, Texas builders are digging into plenty of other projects in the region too. Located between Austin and San Antonio, New Braunfels has become the third fastest-growing city—in the country. New homes are rising—and hundreds of millions have been allocated for infrastructure to keep up. Austin’s not done growing either—in fact, its airport is also looking at expanding  and Tesla’s building a facility. Apple anticipates completion of its $1 billion Austin campus soon. Interesting new builds coming your way? Gear up now with The Partnership Account® for Contractors from Colonial Surety. In addition to a surety line of credit—in writing, The Partnership Account®  gives qualified construction companies an array of complimentary business services, including:


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